Red Tapes is a blog which try to make everyone discover a specific musical world. We willl here talk about jazz, about groove, about funk, about soul, about hip hop … 

Music has always been an important part of my life, and it has quickly became a passion. Rocked by The Beatles or Lenny Kravitz, one day I felt like playing the flute. But I really wanted to…   This is how I started, I loved it and at some point I started to be bored of the classical way to learn music in conservatory. I wanted to really play music, to stop focusing only on the notes written on the part, and to be able to share my passion with other musicians. This is how I entered into jazz, and started to play in a jazz band of my music school, The Little Big Band directed by Gilles Relisieux.

It is only when I started to play jazz that I understood it is more than just a type of music: it is a state of mind! It is improvising, sharing, discovering, being wrong without really being wrong, developing all together this passion. With a few friends, I started to go to some musical bars and jazz clubs, and to discover new bands. And all this finally totally seduced me ; this blog is a concrete evidence.

For (too) many people, the word jazz does have a boring and old school connotation. Jazz music is always evolving, always mixing different types of music for a great result. Using the word jazz, I more generally refer to jazz but also groove, funk, hip hop, soul, new gospel … Thanks to this blog, I would really like to share my passion if everyone, to mae discover some great bands, some amazing musicians, some nice places to be, some original concepts, etc…

More personnaly, I am Mahaut Dufour, a 21-year-old ‘baby’ journalist. This blog was lauched in February 2014. I decided to call it Red Tapes, with reference to the American expression red tape which is the bureaucratic rules and is at the opposite of what is treated here. It is also to recall that a few years ago we were listening music on some physical supports, among which are tapes. I am currently doing a master degree course in Journalism in the Netherlands, but it is of course still possible to contact me by email (redtapes.blog@gmail.com) or skype (mahaut.dufour).


Hope you will enjoy this blog!


Mahaut Dufour

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