Cacofonix: One concept – plenty of concerts

Cacofonix were mentioned in a previous article but I did not know a lot about them at this time. After exchanging a few messages, we decided to meet up because I felt like there was something interesting to explore. Last week, I finally went for a coffee with three of them. Right from the start, they seemed really nice, motivated and animated by a true love for music and live performance… which is not without reminding me the purpose of this blog!

So: Cacofonixa group of friends, mostly musicians, who are driven by a goal which I would say, is twofold. On one hand, they are trying to give bands, that are not always very popular but always passionate, the opportunity to perform live concerts in good conditions. On the other hand, they give the Parisian public a chance to see talented musicians perform at extremely attractive prices.

They all give the impression to be good-spirited and their enthusiasm is contagious. They are all super motivated and doing their very best to provide artists with good performing conditions and outstanding music to the audience. Everything they organize requires some significant work which is done with the smile.

The Laboratoire d’Alfred – is a musical springboard that they set up. At first glance nothing special but when giving it a closer look it gets interesting! When they created it, they wanted to step away from the usual concept of musical springboards – for example Emergenza, Fallenfast and co. – which, according to bands, resemble mainly popularity contests meaning that winners are bands who could bring the most friends. Cacofonix, thanks to their Laboratoire, wants to give the spotlight to up-and-coming artists, girls and boys, who exude music.

In order to do so, concerts are divided in two parts. The first is quite usual: bands take the stage one after the other for a set period of time. Then, the actual Labortoire takes place during which the band experiences different scenarios: playing in the dark, exchanging instruments between musicians, playing unplugged… all of this in order to test the bands’ ability to improvise, to create and to be attentive to what the others are doing.  The audience has an active role to play as well: they have to vote for two bands at the end of the concert which is a good way to avoid the popularity contest. A hand-selected jury also takes part in the decision-making process of the winner. The finale of the Laboratoire Alfred will take place at the Java on Wednesday the 7th of May and the winner will be awarded to a four day recording session in the Netherlands!

Cacofonix is also a lot of concerts!  As I had predicted it, the 29th of /Saturday met all my expectations. Cacofonix and its crazy line-up put up an incredible show from beginning to end.

The evening started with a trio called Groove Evolution Project (Facebook) with a performance full of energy and that was very well-rounded. Three very promising musicians in my opinion… Then they give the stage away to High ground (Facebook) (the finalist of the Laboratoir d’Alfred) who rocked the stage with a high-voltage performance mixing MC and musicians who gave their very best.

And then, Antiloops took the stage! I will keep their presentation short because I am going to see them again separately very soon for some interviews (if finals don’t get the best of me first…). Anyway, if I had to describe briefly their performance I would say: in a pot put some genius, a little bit of craziness and a lot of passion and voilà! It must have been about 200°C in the room but it did not stop them in the least! There was the usual crew: Ludivine Issambourg on the flute, Timothée Robert on the bass, Nicolas Derand on the keyboard and Julian Serié on the drums. They were joined by Dj Greem (C2C, Hocus Pocus) on the decks and for the last songs by Thomas Faure (Electro Deluxe’s saxophone player) and Vincent Aubert (Trombone player for Alpha Blondie and Malted Milk)! Big names for a performance a 100% magical!

So congratulation to Cacofonix for making all of this possible and here are some photos to end this, not-so-short, article:


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