Electro Deluxe – “We are like an old family”

During their European tour, Electro Deluxe stopped in Tremblay-en-France (93). They were one of the first band I listened to when I started my journey in the discovery of groove music. Meeting them was quite something, especially after a few troubles getting there. 

Pretty impressed I followed then backstage, and finally opened my small notebook with my questions to start the interview. In the room with me were Jeremie Coke the bass player, James Copley the singer and Gael Cadoux the pianist.

E2LUX - Tremblay-en-France


It seems that you are now known by a broader public, and not only by musicians or specialists. What does it change for you?

Jeremie Coke: Well … It is cool to let us know it, it is a bit new for us.
James Copley: But we have noticed it since the latest album (Home). Thanks to that there are more girls, there are more screams: we like it!
Jeremie Coke: People are more « normal ». It is also nice to see that there is a public following us.
James Copley: Yeah! I have just met a couple in the street, they came all the way from the Netherlands to see the concert tonight, very touching!

Tonight your are playing in Tremblay-en-France: it could seem a little surprising to the extent that you were pretty easily sold out in Le Trianon…

James Copley: But it is sold out tonight too!
Jeremie Coke: The tour has been planed for a long time.
Gaël Cadoux: … And generally we play everywhere we are invited.
Jeremie Coke: We are happy to play here! The every day life of the musicians you see everywhere is also to perform in smaller venues. Even if we will be at the Olympia on October 16th!

How is the tour going?

James Copley: We are all exhausted (everyone laughed)
Jeremie Coke: No, it has been really nice: it is a good summer tour which just started.
James Copley: We are like an old familly, everyone hops in the trailer and let’s go! 

What is next?

James Copley: The Olympia on October 16th, this is really important.
Gaël Cadoux: An international opening too, with a first show in the UK, a concert at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherldands and a small tour in Switzerland at the begining of July. We are hoping to play in Germany next year. And for September or October we are working on a little suprise: a collector’s album …
James Copley: Hey wait! You are disclosing an exlusive information … (To me) But it is okay, just because your our fan club president.

James Copley & me (Tremblay-en-France)

In your latest album, HOME, there are no more featurings, like it was the case before. Why ?

Jermie Coke: What happened is that we met James. No need to invite new singers anymore.
James Copley: (laughing) I want them to be loyal!
Jeremie Coke: For us, it is really nice to have a regular ‘team’. We used to work with different singers, who had their own projects. It was hard to deal with everone’s schedule and the public was a bit confused because it was not always the same singers. It was hard creating a consistent picture. When we met James in 2009, we started touring with him and then he became a full-time member of the band!
James Copley: But all this does not mean that we have stopped working with these artists.
Gaël Cadoux: As you said it, it was some featurings. With James it is a completely different approach. He is totaly integrated to Electro Deluxe, he takes part to the composition of the songs. We are united.

Oh, since you are talking about it: what is the writting process ? 

Gael Cadoux: Everybody takes part in it. One of us come with a song, almost ready and we rearrange it all together. The lyrics are written by James.

Once the interview recorded, we staid backstage a few minutes to talk before they started to get ready for the show. The venue (l’Odéon de Tremblay) was really nice and made a real proximity between the artists and the audience possible.

The gig opening by the Chosen Ones Brass Band made the people dance. Then, Electro Deluxe musicians came and started the show with their famous song called Devil. I am not going to tell you again how is a concert of the band: they are just absolutely great! I was not able to stop dancing and singing.

To sum up: a great band, nice musicians and a lot of emotion during the interview for the fan that I am.


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